Colossians 2:10

And ye are complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power. 

We go through life seeking completeness. We get a better car,a  better job, a better home, We go through relationship after relationship looking for that person that understands us and is our soul mate. All those things are good in their time and in their place but somehow we still come up with that empty and incomplete feeling on the inside. 

That feeling of completeness is found only in the LORD. “And ye are complete in him…” The Name LORD in English comes from a word in the original language that means, the self existent one who reveals Himself. The LORD is complete in Himself and yet it is His nature to reveal Himself. It is the law of opposites. Complete in myself and yet I must share that completeness with others. Jesus displayed this very thing as He walked the earth. Always about His Father’s business and yet constantly seeking out the lost, hurt and sick so that He could give to others. It seems that every time He went into the church of the day, to share, it caused trouble. Thus in His completeness He would go outside the city to minister to the lost, wounded and sick.

Inside the walls of the church we are an exclusive group and in order to belong we must meet certain rules. That is exclusive and incomplete. My completeness comes when I am inclusive and I share the love of God, understanding, mercy and forgiveness with those who are not like me.

Let us learn to reach out and love those who are different from us. As we do that, we will become the complete people we were intended to be.