Numbers 35:15

These six cities shall be a refuge, both for the children of Israel, and for the stranger, and for the sojourner among them: that every one that killeth any person unawares may flee thither.

After the children of Israel came into their inheritance they were commanded to set aside six cities which were to be for the express purpose of being a safe place that, every one that killeth any person unawares may flee thither. They were called cities of refuge, Any time someone was killed, the alleged perpetrator could flee to one of these six cities and was protected until they could be judged by the law. The avenger was not allowed to enter these six cities in pursuit of the  alleged perpetrator.

Matthew 5:14 says, “Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.” We are to be cities of refuge, not courtrooms where we are the judge, jury and executioner.  Those who are in trouble should be confident that they can come to us and we won’t betray them and hand them over to their pursuer. We are not the judge, That responsibility belongs to God alone,

We don’t mind taking people under our wing and trying to help them and protect them if they pass our judgment and we are relatively certain they are clean. But what about when it seems certain to us that they are guilty?

Did you ever wonder why it is that you seem to attract so many people with problems? It is because we are the light of the world. It is a good sign God has made you a city set on a hill, unable to hid.

The LORD has built a New City that will set on a hill through out eternity. The only people that will live there are those who were fleeing from the avenger and seeking refuge. Let us learn not to judge but to accept and protect the souls of those in trouble as God has done for us.