Luke 3:11

He answereth and saith unto them, He that hath two coats, let him impart to him that hath none; and he that hath meat, let him do likewise.

Forgiveness is a coat that covers nakedness. 

When Adam and his wife sinned in the Garden and lost their covering of light, the LORD made two coats and covered their nakedness. He forgave their sin and that covered them. When we come to the Lord and ask for His forgiveness, He covers us with a coat of His forgiveness. I don’t get His forgiveness because I’ve been such a good child and deserve it. I get forgiven because I need it for some wrong I’ve done.

Now I must accept that forgiveness and put it on or I will continue in my nakedness. We sometimes feel like the Lord could never forgive us because we are just too bad and have asked for forgiveness way too many times. The fact of the matter is that ever time I ask for forgiveness and accept it I justify the Lord’s death.

The Lord forgives me and likewise there are those that I must forgive. The issue is that I must have an extra coat of forgiveness to give before I can do so. I can not give away the only coat I have because that would leave me naked. 

Do I find it hard to forgive someone? Then I need to find more of the Lord’s forgiveness for me. I’m unable to wrap someone in a coat of forgiveness because I haven’t received enough for myself yet. 

There are days it seems you could spend every waking moment forgiving some kind of insanity going on around you. That is a sure sign I need to spend more time obtaining forgiveness for myself. There is a reason it is happening. Someone needs me to extend the love and forgiveness of God I’ve experienced in my life into their world. To do that I must have obtained the necessary forgiveness in my life first.

Accept the forgiveness of God freely for the mistakes in your life and then share that with someone else.