Proverbs 3:13
Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding.

Happy is the man! I want in on that deal. We spend our lives searching for happiness. A new job, new house, new relationship, a best friend or a new car, we try everything we can think of searching for happiness. Happiness is simply finding wisdom and getting understanding. If I find wisdom and get understanding then all the jobs, houses, relationships, friends and cars I need will come to me.

Wisdom is the ability to be able to see things as they really are right now. Understanding is the ability to see how things should be.

As we walk through life we find ourselves in situations and circumstances that we often feel are completely out of our control. Wisdom is the ability to be able to see things as they really are right now. Yes, the situation may be out of my control but the truth is God allowed me to be in that situation. The truth is, that no matter how it feels, God is bigger than all of the out of control situations around me. He has allowed that so that I can learn to trust him and discover how big and great His power really is.

Once upon a time Paul and Silas were in stocks and bonds, they had been beaten and locked in prison. At the midnight hour they were singing praises to their God. Suddenly an earthquake came and opened the prison and set free everyone in that prison. The jailer was going to kill himself because he thought he had lost all the prisoners in his care. Paul and Silas stopped him because they were all still there. No one left. Paul and Silas were happy because they had found wisdom.

They understood that God was in the middle of their situation with His miraculous love and power. The Bible says that the jailer and everyone in his house were saved that night.

God’s miracle power will start flowing in my life when I find the wisdom to know that although I don’t understand, God is some how still in the middle of what is going on and if I place my trust completely in Him I can find happiness locked up at the midnight hour knowing God is with me. I do not have to allow the negative circumstances to steal my joy and positive energy.