Song of Solomon 2:4
He brought me to the banqueting house, and his banner over me was love.

The LORD has placed a banner of love over us and it flies freely for all to see.

The word, in the original, translated as banner in English, means a large military standard. It is a flag which military unit would fly as it advanced in battle. The same word is used in Numbers 2:25 when it says, “The standard of the camp of Dan shall be on the north side by their armies:”

As someone who has accepted the Lord and surrendered their life to Him in order to become a soldier of the cross, what is the flag or banner that He has set over us? His banner over me is love. There is a banner of God’s love flying over me as I walk through life’s battles.

We may not be able to see that banner of love with our physical eyes but it is as real as any flag you have ever seen. All who we come into contact with are effected by it. Every trial and situation I walk through in life is effected by this banner of God’s love flying over me. Often times in the middle of adverse circumstances the enemy attempts to cause us to feel nothing but darkness and hatred coming at us on all sides. Take courage for there is a banner of God’s love flying over me. God is declaring to all of creation, this is my child and I love them. How can we lose?

The Lord will allow us at times to be in hard circumstances and battles of life because He has chosen us to be a bearer of His love in that particular instance. We sometimes complain because of the struggle, when we have been called, as a hero of faith, to bear the banner of God’s love and prove the reality of God’s love to all involved in what is transpiring.

We are the only display of God’s love that some will ever see. As we walk through life may the Lord help us to display the banner of love He has set over us as His dear children.