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John 7:24
Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.

Simple and straight forward. Don’t judge based on appearance. Judging by appearance is unrighteous. Judge righteous judgments which means not judging by outward appearance.

If I judge by appearance then I will appear, in the LORD’s eyesight, to be clothed in unrighteousness. How often have I come before the LORD clothed in the filthy unrighteousness of my own judgment about some person or situation in my life? Because some poor soul has this problem or that problem I pass judgment that obviously they have a problem or that thing wouldn’t be happening to them. I may not speak words of judgment out loud but that little condescending attitude of looking down on someone shows itself in my thoughts.

It becomes particularly odious when we are convinced that we are the morally correct one in the situation. It doesn’t matter how morally correct I think I am, I don’t have the right to pass judgment on others. I don’t have the right to judge anyone just because they don’t look like me, believe like me, dress like me or go to the same church that I go to. How much wrong has occurred and been sanctioned just because a group or an individual felt like they were the morally correct one? They all claim it’s in the Name of God and they are therefore justified in passing judgment and committing all sorts of atrocity’s.

How do I know what kind of plan the LORD wrote out for that person? How do I know the LORD’s purpose for that person’s life? I don’t. All I really know for sure is that God is love and whatever He has allowed is from His love. I do not really understand His love but I know He is love. If you think about it, pain can be said to be the love of God that is bigger than I can understand. However I thank the LORD that He is bigger than I can understand and that He is not limited to my understanding.

I am the recipient of God’s limitless and infinite love, that is beyond my understanding, and yet I am going to pass judgment on someone else or attempt to discredit them because they don’t want to walk my way? That is unrighteousness personified without a doubt. Righteous judgment says they are God’s creation just like I am and the plan and purpose for their life is God’s business and not mine.

“Our” Father which art in heaven above, hallowed be “Thy” name!