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Exodus 20:16
Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.

We are commanded in the Bible to love our neighbor as our self. If we truly love, how can we lie. Isn’t true love based on truth? If I begin a relationship on a foundation of falsehood, am I standing in sinking sand? The wise man built his house upon a rock and when the storms and floods came, as they most assuredly will, His house stood through it all.

Love thy neighbor as thy self and do not bear false witness against them. The key is in learning to love ourselves. I’m afraid that if we love our neighbor the same way we love ourselves, our neighbor will be in big trouble. We spend so much time trying to change this or trying to change that in ourselves that we miss the good things God has placed inside of us. Of course we have all inherited a sinful human nature from Adam the first but that is simply fallen human nature and not really who we are anyway. We must learn to separate between behavior and person.

We are taught to separate between behavior and personal in our human relationships. We must sometimes deal with wrong behavior but that doesn’t mean we have to attack the person. However, we don’t give ourselves the same consideration. When we meet with disapproval or rejection from some authority figure in our life, we begin to feel like we are a bad person if we don’t learn to separate between wrong behavior and the person, beginning with ourselves.

When we learn to love the person God has made us and deal with and improve on the wrong behaviors still in our lives, we truly begin to enter into a place where we can love our neighbor as our self. It is at this place that we begin to stop lying to ourselves and we begin to stop bearing false witness against our neighbor.

Honesty and speaking the truth in love is the first step to emotional, physical and even financial healing.

Once upon a time there were ten lepers on the road Jesus was traveling down. As Jesus begin to draw near, the lepers begin to call upon Jesus. The knew they were lepers. They had reached a place of honesty where they were no longer ashamed to cry out for help. Jesus healed them of their behaviors, as it were, and did not condemn their person.

When we learn to love ourselves and our neighbors as ourselves, we will no longer find it necessary to bear false witness.