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Colossians 3:21
Fathers, provoke not your children to anger, lest they be discouraged.

A father is one who looks after, protects, guides and supports someone else who came along after they did. A father is to mentor, teach and be a role model to the younger ones. It is no wonder that society is in the condition that it is, with the role models and mentoring that men have been in today’s world. It sometimes seems that men are only worried about their own comfort and pleasure, running from one situation to the next and attacking whatever stands in the way of their pleasure with overwhelming anger.

How much better it would be if someone did what we wanted because they loved us instead of because they were so afraid of us.

If a child lives in a home with an environment of anger and disapproval they are going to have a difficult time succeeding when they go out into society.

Moreover, the same principle works in any position of responsibility I may find myself in. Love, support and affirmation will always bring greater and far more true success than anger will. Anger is a poor motivator no matter which way you look at it. Provoking someone and motivating them with my anger may get something accomplished at that moment, but it will certainly be done with a lack of sincerity and to an absolute minimum level. Additionally the well of emotion in the person we provoked will begin to fill up with bitter waters instead of sweet water.

By placing ourselves in the position of being motivated by someone else’s anger and disapproval we can understand that while we may do what is necessary to get the heat off our back, we will certainly regard that situation and that person through a different light in the future.

I would suggest that greater and much more meaningful successes will come if I attempt to fill up the well of emotion in the people around me with sweet waters of love, concern, acceptance and affirmation instead of flooding them with a Tsunami of anger in order to accomplish what I wish.