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Proverbs 16:32-33
He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city. The lot is cast into the lap; but the whole disposing thereof is of the LORD.

The word translated as mighty is used to describe a strong hunter or soldier. In Genesis 10:9 this word was used to describe Nimrod who led the people to Babel in rebellion against the LORD. Nimrod was a hunter of soul’s to join against the LORD. The Bible says that to be better than that all you have to do is be slow to anger,

Additionally if you can rule your own spirit you are better than someone who can conquer a whole city. Slow to anger and rule your own spirit and you are greater than the bunch of rebels who built the Tower of Babel, in God’s eyes.

So how do I become slow to anger and learn how to rule my own spirit? The trick is in learning to put it all in the LORD’s lap and then trust Him.

The lot being cast into the lap refers to an Old Testament ritual that was used by the High Priest to discern the will of God. As the Priest was seated, lots or stones bearing the Names of the Tribes of Israel would be cast into his lap. Then the Spirit of God would miraculously cause one of those stones to jump up in the Priest’s lap in response to the Priest’s petition. So I become slow to anger and learn to rule my own spirit by casting my lot into the lap of the High Priest and then trusting Him to do with it as He sees fit.

It is my job to entrust myself to the High Priest and then it’s the LORD’s job to use me as He sees fit. Everyone will have an opinion about your life. They will know where you should live, who you should marry, where you should go to church, where you should work and how you should dress. But if someone still sees how they think you should be doing it, then they have not yet learned to trust the disposing thereof to the LORD. The only thing I know for sure about my life and your life is that we need to cast ourselves into the lap of the High Priest and trust Him for the disposing thereof.

We are so quick to judge and grade one another. If someone leaves our little group then they can’t possibly be as spiritual as us. How do we know that? The whole disposing thereof is the LORD’s. If that is my attitude then it is nothing but a clear indication that I have not yet learned that the whole disposing thereof is the LORD’s.