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2 Timothy 4:7

I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith:

Looking back on his life and on his journey, there were three things that the Apostle Paul felt were noteworthy. Namely that he had fought a good fight, he had finished the course that the LORD had set out for him to travel and that in the middle of this fight to do what the LORD set out for him to do he had kept the faith.

The Apostle never says that he didn’t fall along the way or that he had done everything perfectly. He never says that he won every battle and never made any mistakes. Rather the great Apostle simply states, “I have fought a good fight.”

We are going to make some mistakes and get a few cuts and bruises as we travel through life but a successful journey in the LORD’s eyes is when we keep the faith until the very end of our journey. At the end of his life the thing the Apostle Paul was glad about was that he had kept the faith.

Abraham experienced the same thing in his journey. Through many ups and downs and through many stops in a nomadic life of living in tents Abraham kept the faith. He was so full of the faith of God that at ninety nine years old when his physical body was way past the years of being able to produce a child, Abraham had no problem believing God when the LORD appeared to him and said you will produce an heir Abraham.

If we dwell on and look only at our shortcomings and the times we have fallen down we soon lose our hope. Rather let us put our eyes on the mark the LORD has set as a successful completion to our journey. Namely, finishing the course set in front of us without losing the faith. That is fighting a good fight.