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Leviticus 20:26

And ye shall be holy unto me: for I the LORD am holy, and have severed you from other people, that ye should be mine.

The LORD is the one who severs us from other people. To sever means to separate or to disjoin such as you would separate two places by a veil, fence or wall. It means to separate things previously mixed together.

Genesis 1:4, “And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.” It is God who decides what needs to be separated and what doesn’t and it is God who decides what is light and what darkness is and when and how the light gets divided from the darkness.

As human beings we can often become discouraged because we can’t seem to overcome a particular weakness or fault in our life. Try as we might it seems that thing keeps rearing its ugly head in our life and defeating us.

Take courage today because it is not our job to separate and divide between the light and the darkness in our life. That is the LORD’s job. It is our job to cling to the LORD and hold His hand and it is the LORD’s job to separate the darkness from the light in our life. The LORD is not discouraged by the darkness and He has not given up on us, nor will He, just because there is still some darkness in our life.

The Psalmist said in Psalms 23, yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. We do not have to fear even walking through the valley of the shadow of death.

When the LORD severs people, places, relationships, jobs or churches from your world just latch onto His hand and walk on with Him. He has severed us from those things so that we can be His exclusively. Focus on Jesus and He will divide between the light and the darkness in your world.