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1 Thessalonians 5:11

Wherefore comfort yourselves together, and edify one another, even as also ye do.


Comfort yourselves together and then edify one another. We come together into unity, with the same vision, by comforting ourselves together. To comfort is to call to one’s side and to speak to and address. In Matthew 14 Jesus was in the land of Gennesaret and in verse 36 the Bible says as many as touched the hem of His garment were made perfectly whole. So they came together at the feet of Jesus and the ones that reached out and touched the feet of Jesus were not just healed in their body but were made perfectly whole in their body, soul and spirit.


To edify means to build up or to build a house from the foundation up. So when we edify we aren’t tearing down but rather we are building up. To build up means to start at the bottom and go up. So we see again that the answer is at the feet of Jesus. Once we ourselves have been to the feet of Jesus and have been made whole, we are then to edify and build up our brother and our sister so that they also will be a house for the Lord to dwell in.


When Jesus cleansed the temple He said the temple was to be a house of prayer and that they had made it a den of thieves instead. Once the temple was cleansed healings and miracles again began to take place in God’s house.


It is time that God’s people return to the feet of Jesus and allow Him to cleanse the temple, even our hearts, of all the idolatry, and make us a house of prayer so that others can be built up and edified as we testify of and talk about what Jesus did for us when we came to His feet.