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1 John 2:3

And hereby we do know that we know him, if we keep his commandments.


There is a distinct difference between knowing who Jesus is and even in knowing Him as your personal Savior and then in knowing Him in a personal relationship as you would know your spouse. I’m not talking about a physical marital relationship but rather I’m talking about a heart to heart love relationship. The Bible is talking about not just knowing Jesus as my Savior, in this verse, but also knowing Him in a much deeper love relationship of the heart, soul and human will.


How do I know that I really love Jesus as I so often say that I do?


The proof is in the fruit and not in the doing. It doesn’t matter how much someone is always doing if the fruit produced is always narcissistic in nature. We know that we have a personal love relationship with Jesus when we keep His commandments. According to Matthew 22:36-40 all the law and prophets, all the commands ever given, can be boiled down to one simple thing and that is love. Jesus said love me with everything you have and then love your neighbor as yourself.


The proof that I have a love relationship with Jesus Christ is that I am sharing the love He has given me with others by loving them unconditionally as Jesus loved me. The proof is not that I spend all this time doing this or that but the proof is in the fruit of love that is being displayed through my life.


Human beings so often will act like they care about someone or they say the words, “I love you”, but in reality it is to cause the other person to be drawn to them and revolve around them so that they may use that person for their own benefit.


True love embraces people where they are and draws them to Jesus Christ for their own good and not so that I have another tool in my toolbox to use for my own benefit.