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2 Timothy 1:7

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

When we are not living in love we will suffer under a spirit of fear. As it’s used here the word spirit has to with the power by which the human being feels, thinks and decides. It is a very subtle thing and most of the time is buried deeply in the unconscious portion of our human emotions but without a doubt fear influences our thoughts, feelings and actions many times.

This is often manifested when one person has a problem with another one. Often our unconscious thoughts and feelings are that if you are different from me then you need to see things like I do. As a result we begin to feel, think and decide things about that person or group from a spirit of fear instead of from love. If we view and deal with things from a spirit of love instead of a spirit of fear we will have the power and the critical thinking skills we have need of to walk the path set before us in love.

It is no wonder that churches, countries and communities become so fragmented and divided. It is the love of God that unifies us. That doesn’t mean we have to give up our individuality. The trick is finding unity in individuality. It is possible to be unified in purpose while allowing individuality in action. It is done when I embrace the love of God in my own life and when I share that love with whomever may cross my path.

As we embrace the love of God in our own life, the fear will begin to dissipate and instead of being so exclusive we can become inclusive, loving one another as Christ has also loved us.