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Luke 24:32

And they said one to another, Did not our heart burn within us, while he talked with us by the way, and while he opened to us the scriptures?

How do we keep our hearts burning with that passion for Jesus and the things of God? In the beginning we are consumed with our new relationship with the lover of our soul and we see Jesus in everything we do and say. We can’t quit talking about the Lord and wherever we can find an ear to listen we are telling the story of how good Jesus has been to us. Then somehow the cares of this life seem to sneak in until we become a Sunday Christian if we aren’t careful.

Peter and Cleopas were on the road to Emmaus three days after the Lord had been crucified and were discussing all that had gone on. The Bible says that they were sad. Suddenly Jesus appeared to them as they were walking towards Emmaus and begin to speak to them. They did not recognize Jesus and thought Him to be a stranger to Jerusalem. They did not recognize the same person that they were sad about being taken from them. The problem was that the plan they had conceived for their deliverance and exaltation by Jesus did not work out as they thought it should. If fact it was the Jews own chief priests and leaders who delivered Jesus up to be tried and executed.

It was as Peter and Cleopas traveled away from where their hero and plan of success was taken from them that Jesus appeared to them and set their hearts ablaze with new resurrection power. Although they had spent the day traveling away from the place of death, in sadness, and it was now dark, they constrained this stranger walking with them to come in and eat with them. When Jesus brake the bread and gave it to them or when He feed them His broken body, or the crucified Christ, their eyes were opened and Jesus disappeared from their sight. They immediately had to jump up and run back to Jerusalem and begin sharing the fact that Jesus was indeed alive.

Peter and Cleopas had the fire of their heart rekindled as they embraced this stranger in the way as He opened to them the scriptures.

When it seems Jesus is a stranger to us and has been buried all we have to do is stay in the way, keep walking and embrace the scriptures and Jesus will be there with us even when we don’t recognize Him. The disciples didn’t recognize Jesus when He came walking to them on the water and Peter and Cleopas didn’t recognize Him when He came walking to them on the road to Emmaus. Yet both times their lack of recognition did not stop Jesus from saving them.

When your hero and your plan of success has been taken from you just keep walking and embrace the same scriptures you have always known and trusted. Jesus will appear at the appointed time and in some strange way will rekindle the fire in your heart to such a burning intensity that you will run to share it.