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Psalm 23:1

The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.


In today’s world it seems that everything revolves around the next thing I can get. On the job it’s the next promotion. At home it’s the next nice piece of furniture. We strive and struggle for a new car, new clothes, new this or another one of these. At church we strive to be recognized as spiritually mature so we can be on this committee or on that board. It seems we are always pursuing and working for the next thing. We want this and we want that. However when we really have embraced a life with Christ and accepted Him as our Shepherd, we are interested only in the next pasture the Shepherd is leading us to. Our pursuit is no longer things but rather our goal is to follow and stay at the side of our Shepherd.


It doesn’t mean that the LORD will not add to us and bless us as we travel through this life. It just means that our focus is on Him and not on the things around us. When our vision is truly on the LORD the things of this world grow strangely dim as the old hymn written in 1922 by Helen H. Lemmel says so beautifully. Turn your eyes upon Jesus!


When we walk with the Shepherd everything we have need of will be supplied. We shall not want. It is a life of trust and faith in the lover of my soul. The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall not want. He will lead me to the pasture I need to be in, He will take me to the River of Life when I need water and He will watch over me and protect me from predators in the night season. I shall not want.


The LORD is my Shepherd. What freedom, joy and ecstasy when the LORD is my Shepherd. What peace and love floods the soul when Jesus Christ is enough and He is my Shepherd.