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Psalm 23:1

The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.


A shepherd is someone who leads the flock to the right pasture at the right time. A shepherd then watches over the sheep as they feed in that pasture. The shepherd sees when foul weather is approaching and finds shelter for the flock. Even in the dark of night a good shepherd is there watching over the sheep lest a predator sneak in and take a sheep. The shepherd gives up the comfort and protection of home and their bed in order to watch over and protect the sheep. The role of a parent is to be a shepherd to their children.


David learned early on that the LORD was his shepherd. There were others in positions of authority around him but he understood that they were human beings and thus he said, “The LORD is my shepherd.” Human beings misused and abused David. Even his own brothers looked down on him in disdain. When David brought food to his brothers at the battle with Goliath, as he was instructed to do by his father, his brothers chided with him and accused him of a wrong motive.


David’s own father didn’t really understand who David was in the LORD. When Samuel was looking for the next King of Israel he told David’s father to bring his sons in for him to see. Jesse brought them all in but David. When questioned by the prophet, Jesse said, I have one more but he’s out watching the sheep. Samuel had Jesse bring him in and Samuel said that’s him, he’s a king. He was a king that had learned how to be a good shepherd.


David said, “The LORD is my shepherd.” People will let us down and disappoint us. Even those closest to us will misuse and abuse us sometimes. However when we can say, like David said, “The LORD is my Shepherd” we will find that place where there is no more want but rather peace, contentment and the love of God fills our life. To God alone be all the glory!