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Psalm 4:8

I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, Lord, only makest me dwell in safety.


To dwell in safety means to be like one who sits upon a throne that is upborne by cherubim. The same phrase is used in Psalm 99:1, “The Lord reigneth; let the people tremble: he sitteth between the cherubims; let the earth be moved.”

King David was fleeing from his son Absalom at this point when Absalom was attempting to take the kingdom from his father, David. In the midst of all his distress David penned this verse. David’s stance was that no matter what was happening, even in the middle of being betrayed by family, the Lord was with him and would protect him so he was not afraid to lay down and sleep.

We all face betrayal in life. At some point in life we encounter someone that we felt like we could trust and they end up betraying us. Betrayal is a bitter pill to swallow but when it is served up to us by family it is exceptionally bitter. However David already knew at this early point in the Psalms that it didn’t matter where the betrayal came from, the Lord was with him and would protect him and provide for him.

What confidence and trust David had in the Lord. David had that trust and confidence in the Lord because he knew that the Lord had given him the victory over the lion and the bear when he was watching over his father’s sheep on the hillside by himself and so he knew he could confidently place his trust in the Lord again in the midst of betrayal by Absalom.

Since Jesus Christ loved us enough to die for us and thus saved us from an eternity in hell it is my contention that He is well able and will protect us today in this world and therefore we can rest underneath His everlasting wings is safety regardless of the distress and betrayal surrounding us.