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Genesis 13:6

And the land was not able to bear them, that they might dwell together: for their substance was great, so that they could not dwell together.


Abram had left his father’s house, in Ur of the Chaldees, some years before, at the command of the LORD, and had journeyed into Canaan, experiencing many things along the way. It was there at Bethel, in Canaan, that Abram built his second altar. After this there came a famine in Canaan and Abram, his wife and Lot, his nephew, with all they had went down into Egypt seeking relief from the famine.

In Egypt, Abram was afraid that he would be killed so that Pharaoh could have Abram’s wife because she was so beautiful. Therefore, because he feared for his life, he told a half truth to Pharaoh saying that Sarai was his sister but not acknowledging that she was in fact his wife. Abram and Sarai were in fact related by blood because at that point in history much closer relations married than now because the world was still being populated. However the LORD revealed the truth of Abram’s marriage relationship to Pharaoh regardless of Abram trying to hide it. Thus Pharaoh forced Abram out of Egypt and back up into Canaan.

In Canaan there was much strife between Abram’s herdsmen and Lot’s. So much so that it became clear to Abram that he and Lot needed to separate. After understanding that there had to be a separation, Abram gave the choice to Lot about which part of the land that Lot wanted and Abram agreed to take whatever Lot did not want.

It is clear that Abram had grown in his faith by the time that he and Lot separated. Abram had enough faith to leave his father’s house and journey to Canaan. Yet when the famine came he fled the Promised Land and went into Egypt as if the LORD could not provide for him in the middle of a famine. Then while in Egypt he denied his marriage relationship, again fearing the LORD could not protect his life. However the LORD used the very thing Abram feared would cost him his life to force him back to where he had been sent to start with.

In Canaan it becomes obvious that Abram has matured into the man of faith that the LORD had called him to be as he allowed Lot to choose which part of the land he wanted with Abram trusting the LORD enough to accept whatever Lot did not want.

This character trait was later displayed, in Abram’s lineage, when Jacob was willing to accept whatever cattle that his Uncle Laban did not want.

How often have we, even unconsciously, not told the complete truth about our relationship with the LORD because we were afraid that we wouldn’t fit in or would be forced to separate from a situation or even unconsciously fearing that someone would malign or kill our reputation?

Take heart today knowing that the Father of Faith, Abraham, grew through all the things he experienced and even though circumstances beyond his control, at times, forced him into different places, in the end, he became what the LORD had intended for him to be and is still to this day a bright shining example of an awesome man of God. Even when our faith is insufficient, the LORD’s faith is completely sufficient. Place your faith in the LORD God of all heaven and earth today and press on. Victory is just ahead.