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Mark 6:12

And they went out, and preached that men should repent.


It was His disciples in this passage of scripture that went out and preached repentance. There were many who were affected by Jesus’ ministry and experienced healing, deliverance of one sort or another and being miraculously fed, but there was a group that Jesus sent out specifically to share with others and that was the disciples.

There is much talk and discussion in the Christian world today about discipleship and making disciples. What is the difference between a disciple and a normal Christian though? The difference is that a Christian experiences Jesus and is affected on a personal level by those experiences but continues on in their life. A disciple on the other hand shares those experiences with others and preaches repentance.

It is not just the Pastor’s job to preach repentance. It is also the job of disciples.

What is repentance? Repentance means to change one’s mind for better or at the most basic level it means to return to the starting point. For a moment think about the way you saw and experienced things as a child versus now as an adult. To return to the starting point or to repent is to go back to the way I saw and experienced Jesus when I first accepted Him as Lord of my life. Joy, dependence and constant communion! Preachers use repentance as a malicious club in the pulpit in order to scare people into acting right, in their opinion, but repentance is way more than that. Repentance is returning to that state of innocence, love and dependence on Jesus Christ.

A true disciple of Jesus Christ watches for the opportunity to share the wonder, love and joy of their repentance experience and how it changed the way they approach life with others.

Are you a disciple? Do you share the wonder, love, comfort, peace and joy with others that your experience of repentance has brought into your life? Jesus teach us to be true disciples.