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John 1:5

And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

We are living in awesome days where individuals, families, churches, nations and this present creation are making eternal choices. Personally I can not think of another verse of scripture that strikes any deeper in my being than this one. Imagine for a moment that you were standing at an eternal crossroad in your life and God Almighty shined the light of His love and truth down on you and you failed to recognize it. 

There was a time in my journey when I thought I had things figured out. I thought that if I practiced hard enough and got as close to perfection as I could while living here on earth that when I got to the other side I would be rewarded with the biggest mansion, the most expensive crown and everyone would recognize that I really was the spiritual one and that I had suffered wrongfully at the hands of human beings. My goal was to make the top and be the best that had ever served Jesus Christ. 

Wow! How deceived can a human being possibly be? The moment my goal is the reward instead of the Rewarder, I am deceived and I don’t care how many times a week I am going to church. The moment my goal is the salvation instead of the Savior, I am deceived and I don’t care how many times a week I am praying. 

Light shines in the darkness and darkness comprehends it not. That is exactly how our nation reached a place where we feel like if someone has a different political view than I do that they should be eliminated. That my friend is hatred. Yet we Christians have no right to look down our nose at the condition our nation is in. Our church believes that they are the one who has figured it out and has the ultimate truth. If you think you have the ultimate truth you have embraced the salvation instead of the Savior my friend. The ultimate truth is that Jesus Christ died at Calvary for my sin because He first loved me. We are going to spend eternity discovering the ultimate truth and how much Jesus really loves us and yet you can tell me that you have the ultimate truth today? I think not!

My prayer today is that I would comprehend the light when it shines in my darkness and my prayer today is that the church and our nation would comprehend the light while it is still shining in the darkness for surely today is the day of salvation.